Kenilworth escapes – Explore Kenilworth area

Kenilworth Escapes

Exploring around the Kenilworth area

No matter what you are looking for there is something to meet every need here on the Sunshine Coast. From Beaches to mountains and country air. So, it can be hard to decide what to do when you want to just get away. Exploring Kenilworth might just be what you are looking for. 

If you are looking for somewhere that you may have heard of but not thought about staying in then Kenilworth might be the spot of you. It is about 35 minutes from the M1 (Eumundi exit) and about 2 hours from Brisbane.

What you will notice on the drive up is once you leave the hiway you will be facing beautiful country roads with nature everywhere. 

While many people tend to drop into explore Kenilworth for a few hours or a day there is so much more to do and see. It is worth staying a couple of nights and making it a hub to explore all that is around the area.


First off if you are like me then let’s get the important sorted first. FOOD! For those that don’t know Kenilworth there is the famous Kenilworth Country Bakery where you can find some amazing donuts They have a 1kg one!, and even a coffee donut. The fact that someone through to put coffee, chocolate and donut together is a winner. Just don’t ask me how you drink it, that is for you to work out.

There is also Kenilworth Dairies, with a range of award winning products including their chocolate mousse. They also work very hard to try and source all their products from local suppliers which is great. Make sure to check out their cheese or even grab a sample pack to take as you explore the area.

There is also McGinns of Kenilworth a local café and a must for breakfast. If you are looking to feel like a local this is where you need to go. You can also grab dinner at the local pub (Kenilworth Hotel) or the Kenilworth Bowls Club. Or thinking about a night in then check out Kenilworth Pizza, it is only a short walk from Kenilworth Country Cabins.

Swimming Holes

Now you shouldn’t need any more convincing on why you should get away to explore Kenilworth and what is around it but if you do, then let me talk about the area.

In the Summer there as a range of beautiful swimming holes in the Conondale National Park. You may have heard of Bulumba Creek (4wd required) or there is Charlie Morland where you can make it in a 2wd depending on the weather. Otherwise just stop in at Fig Tree Creek only a few minutes out of Kenilworth for a swim and a small walk.

Drive the range

If that has not got you then what about a country drive. If you are feeling adventurous then take a drive up the Obi Obi to Mapleton check out the view to rival any city skyline. Look at a few shops and then keep on driving through to Montville, make sure to stop at the many lookouts along the way. There are some beautiful restaurants here with a view out over the hinterland. 

Otherwise keep driving through to Maleny, wonder the main street until you find what you are looking for. This town is full of local shops and eateries and a good spot to stop for lunch or stock up on supplies if you want to cook your own dinner. There are a range of local suppliers and organic foods to keep everyone happy.

From there it is a beautiful country drive down the range through Witta, Conondale and Cambroon to bring you back to Kenilworth. You can follow the signs but a good option to pop it in the GPS, reception can get a bit spotty if you are not on Telstra. But there is good signage.

Keep an eye out for our next blog as we explore other towns and drives around Kenilworth.


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