Kenilworth’s Swimming Holes

Dive into Nature's Oasis: Kenilworth's Swimming Holes

Fig Tree Pocket

In the heart of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland lies a hidden gem for water enthusiasts – Kenilworth. Beyond its charming town centre and lush landscapes, Kenilworth is home to some of the region’s best-kept secrets – enchanting swimming holes that offer a refreshing escape from the ordinary. Come and discover Kenilworth’s hidden swimming holes

1. Booloumba Creek: Nature's Jacuzzi

Nestled within Conondale National Park, Booloumba Creek boasts a series of crystal-clear rock pools (depending on the weather).  As you follow the walking trails, you’ll discover secluded spots with water so clear, you can see right to the bottom, maybe not at the moment after all the rain haha. The gently cascading water and surrounding rainforest create a natural oasis – a perfect setting for a tranquil dip or a leisurely picnic. Please note there are creek crossing and a 4WD is normally required.

Booloumba Creek

2. Gardners Falls: A Local Favorite

A  bit of a drive from Kenilworth, Gardners Falls is a popular spot among locals and visitors alike. The falls cascade into a large swimming hole surrounded by lush greenery. With its easy access and family-friendly atmosphere, Gardners Falls is a delightful retreat for a sunny day.

Little Yabba Creek - Fig Tree Walk

Take a stroll through the lush riverine rainforest of Fig Tree walk—its canopy filled with Moreton Bay fig trees, piccabeen palms, flooded gums and white cedar trees. This is only a short 750m circuit.

Once you have finished the walk just cross the bridge over Little Yabba Creek. Once there you can wander down to the creek for a swim. The track down can be a little steep in some spots but there is plenty of river front to relax along.

4. Mary River: Charles Street Park

The Mary River, winds its way through the region, unveils several idyllic spots for water enthusiasts. A good option can be from Charles Street park behind Kenilworth, set up your picnic blanket on the grassy field, and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Mary Valley below. It’s a perfect spot for a lazy afternoon by the water’s edge.

5. Charlie Moreland day-use: Nature's Water Playground

Charlie Moreland is located about 11km out of Kenilworth in the Imbil State Forest. Dirt road tracks, also sometime Yabba creek will rise above the road depending on the rainfall. Entry is weather dependent for 2WD cars. Day use area has good parking and a toilet block. It is located right near the creek. Good spot for a swim and relax.

Inspired by the natural wonders of Kenilworth and the surrounding areas, these swimming holes are waiting to be explored. Whether you seek adventure or a peaceful escape, these gems offer a slice of paradise away from the hustle and bustle. So pack your swimwear, grab a picnic basket, and discover the secret swimming holes of Kenilworth – where every dip becomes a journey into nature’s embrace.

For a comfortable stay near these aquatic wonders, consider Kenilworth Country Cabins. Our cozy cabins offer a perfect retreat after a day of exploration, ensuring your getaway is as relaxing as it is adventurous. Dive into the magic of Kenilworth – where each swimming hole tells a tale of nature’s timeless beauty. Now it is your turn to discover Kenilworth’s hidden swimming holes

While all thes locations can be ideal to get away, explore and relax please make sure to check the National Park/State forest or local site to check access and if they are open. Due to creeks and dirt road some can be impacted by weather and other event.