Just up the road @ The Barrel

If you’re anything like me and you just want to go for a nice chilled out lunch or drink and nibbles and then you realise it’s not likely to happen cause you have the kids to entertain. Well we have an option that might work for you! The Barrel @ Clouds Vineyard is an iconic destination, shaped like a giant wine barrel in the grounds of Clouds Vineyard. And it is kids friendly.

The Barrel has a beautiful large outdoor seating area which has, wait for it, a fenced playground! The playground has plenty of space for the kids to be entertained. Pop them in and watch them as you sip on your wine from your table. There is also a giant chess board. Great for entertaining the bigger kids.

The Barrel is located just 45 minutes from Kenilworth Country Cabins. The drive is spectacular with beautiful hinterland views and lookouts to stop at along the way. From Kenilworth Accommodation, stop in at Montville for a mosey around the shops. A great playground here also to leave dad and the kids. Then check out the Sunshine Coast from Gerrards lookout.

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