Kenilworth’s Kid-Friendly Playground

Did you know that Kenilworth has one of the best Kid-friendly playgrounds on the Sunshine Coast? Just down from your Kenilworth Accommodation is a place where the kids can unleash their boundless energy, explore their imaginations and making unforgettable memories. I can still remember my Grandma taking me to the park with the helicopters! Kenilworth Town Park is designed to captivate the hearts of children young.

Fun Playground Equiptment

There are plenty of climbing structures for kids to challenge themselves, problem solve and use big muscles which we know, will wear them out! And which kid doesn’t love something that makes them dizzy? There are stand up spinning poles and another round spinning structure designed to challenge the biggest kids! The slide is like the old school slides, bringing back plenty of childhood memories. And let’s not forget the digger, always attracting the young up and coming earth worker in the family.

The Caged Section

Let’s be honest, at some point we have all breathed a sigh of relief when we have seen a fenced playground. Kenilworth Town Park has a fenced section and it has just been upgraded with new playground equipment. Sadly, those that remember the big red helicopter, that has gone. It has been replaced with a cool fire truck structure! Who doesn’t love a fire truck? There are swings and a climbing structure that even the tinest tots can safely join in the fun.

Culinary Delights

With all the excitement, hunger pangs are sure to strike. Fear not! Just across the road is the Kenilworth Dairies which offer plenty of options for lunch which you can take back to the park or have it in their beautiful surrounds. The famous Kenilworth Country Bakery with their enormous arrange of donuts is just up the road also. Or if you prefer to cook your own, there are BBQ’s in the rotunda’s ready for you to cook your feast.


There are toilets within the grounds of the Town Park. So you don’t have to worry about where to run to when your little one comes to you with that look on their face after leaving it to the last minute. There is plenty of shade in the form of trees as well as structures and shade sails.

Kenilworth’s kid-friendly Town Park is a haven for parents with kids of different ages, as everyone can find their perfect spot to play and bond. And all this is within a short walk from Kenilworth Country Cabins.

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